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All payments are handled through email invoicing via PayPal.You don't pay until the art has shipped.I invoice you through PayPal,you decide on a payment method and it's that easy! All PayPal requires is a valid email.

What we do.Why we do it

Exclusive art,ready to hang through Fine Art America.Various print options and guaranteed through FAA.

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​At Redfisherstudio you can find original,creative art,designs,photography,crafts and ideas.If you see something you like,let us know.My philosophy is simple;The right image at the right time for the right price.I wan't to capture your attention and keep it.We provide art prints,limited signed prints,original poster art,creative imagery,designs,ideas.We are proud to offer prints of the amazing,striking art of H.Ballingall,art you can only find at Redfisherstudio.We appreciate and encourage customer feedback,let us know what works and what doesn't.A unique image or piece of art is a very personal thing.Do not hesitate to contact me about anything you see on my website.I wan't you to be able to say 'Passion and class is Redfisherstudio all the way'. 

Have an idea or art and need a place to have it noticed? Redfisherstudio encourages creativity and I believe everyone deserves to be seen and heard.Ask me to display your creations here and if they're in the spirit of creative freedom,I will gladly accomodate you!  

A place to display your creativity.

All of Harry's prints are numbered and signed,this is the first time this part of his porfolio has been made available.The drawings are vintage,alot of them done in the late 1980's.Last year my father pulled out a box of these unknown originals and started adding color to them by hand using high quality pencil crayons from Derwent.The prints are affordably priced and of very high quality.The 11x14 prints are $90.00cdn plus shipping,unframed.They ship via Canada post xpress post, in secure xpress post envelopes.Multiple prints are possible,just ask.I'm trying to share my fathers art and I encourage all inquirys,business or casual.Like to know more about Harry? let's talk,the stories behind the art are part of the package.There is strength in the pack.