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Nature,magic.The two seem to be intertwined.In this new series of images I explore the concept of associating the arcane,Illusion,Divination,Alchemy,Mysticism,with macro nature images.A unique and original set of artworks available only through Redfisherstudio.This is an ongoing set of works

 These are high quality prints,on photo paper and acrylic.The prices listed are for a 16x20" print on photo paper,shipped to you in an art tube,with an accompanying card with written thoughts on the piece.

​Painted by Nature.Winter's Tendrils

At Redfisherstudio we pride ourselves on the diversity and uniqueness of our imagery,from majestic mountains to the plains to the beauty beneath our feet to the endless sky.Original and striking images.A recent series of collaborative images as Stone&Sky Images further demonstrates this approach.

​   Anything you see here can be put on your walls,in various mediums.Drop us a line and let us know how we can help and improve,and what you like and don't.



​Diversity in Imagery.Through the Lens



My impressions through the Lens.Nature,Photography,Art.Combined.

A bloom of lavender and shadow.Delicate,focal and yet perhaps tragic.My impression is that the Autumn Queen,the Queen of all seasons,gave me a glimpse of a bloom on the verge of being complete or destroyed by the changing seasons.

This is a high quality print,ready to be framed however you choose and displayed.Shipped via Canada Post in an art tube.Buy it,track it

​Check out our YouTube Channel featuring short slideshows of our artworks,from fine art photography to the wildlife art of Harry Ballingall to images by Stone&Sky! A glimpse at the diverse imagery of Redfisherstudio








My images are available as prints on photo paper,acrylic and metal.Sizes from 6x8" and up.

​Contact me for pricing and availability.​I also offer a portfolio of artworks available only through Fine Art America.The most widely used online source for original artworks.My work is available on acrylic,metal,canvas,and other mediums! Take a peek!

​Arcane Nature;the first two

​'Green Angel' part1


​'In the Court of The Autumn Queen'  Part1

The Mystery at Norman Wood.

 Sunset and storm in a mix of natures perfection

   Lavender and orange in a sky I will never forget

   The combination.The moment.Captured.